Wavlink Router Setup Guidelines

If you have decided to compliment the presence of your existing modem with a Wavlink router, then you’ve taken a wise decision. But, the router won’t serve you unless you set it up. Are you aware of how to set up a Wavlink router? No? Walk through the information jotted down here. On this page, we’ve tried to put up all the necessary information related to the Wavlink router setup process.

How to Perform Wavlink Router Setup?

Wavlink router setup can be done either with the help of the Wavlink router IP address or using the default web address. However, you are required to gain access to a web browser like Chrome or Firefox in both setup processes. Scroll down and learn how to set up a Wavlink router by putting the web address and IP address to use.

Wavlink Router Setup via Default Web Address

  • As soon as you’re done with the unboxing of your Wavlink router, power it up after connecting it to a power outlet near the modem.
  • Create a finger-tight Ethernet connection between your WiFi router and modem.
  • The router-modem connection can also be established wirelessly.
  • Now, move to your PC and switch it on.
  • Open a web browser.
  • Input the default Wavlink router web address and hit Enter.
  • The Wavlink router login page will show up on your computer screen.
  • Use the default Wavlink router password to access the router’s web GUI.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
Setup via Default Web Address

Wavlink Router Setup via Wavlink Router IP Address

  • Ensure that your Wavlink router is powered up and is getting continuous electricity.
  • Consider establishing a router-modem connection with the aid of a wireless or wired source.
  • Launch an internet browser from the list of popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Navigate to the URL field and insert the Wavlink router IP address into it.
  • The moment you hit Enter, a screen called the Wavlink router login screen will come into view.
  • Key in the Wavlink router password.
  • Click Login to reach the Wavlink router setup wizard.
  • Do as prompts on the screen direct you to and complete the router installation process.

After learning how to set up a Wavlink router via the Wavlink router IP address, you will be able to enjoy accessing a super-fast internet connection everywhere in your house.

Wavlink Router Setup Issues

Although performing Wavlink router setup is a cakewalk, still, some users are unable to get success with the process due to a few hurdles. Listed below are some of the most common issues that you might face while installing your Wavlink router:

Wavlink Router Setup
  • Wavlink router not powering up
  • Router not connecting to modem
  • WiFi router keeps disconnecting
  • Wavlink router keeps rebooting
  • Router not detecting Ethernet cable
  • Can’t log in to router using the Wavlink router IP address
  • Wavlink router password not working
  • Wavlink router login page won’t show up
  • Router blinking red
  • Can’t see Wavlink router WiFi name
  • WiFi router not getting full speed
  • Wavlink router not showing 5GHz

In case you come across any of the aforementioned issues while performing Wavlink router setup, check out the tips highlighted in the next section.

Fix Wavlink Router Setup Issues

  • Before doing anything else, restart your Wavlink router. You just have to press the Power button on the router to turn it off, wait for some time, and press the Power button again.
  • The Ethernet cable you’ve put to use for the router-modem connection must not be damaged at any cost. If it is, bring a new Ethernet cable into action. However, place your WiFi devices at an appropriate distance if you’ve connected your devices wirelessly.
  • Place your Wavlink router in a non-interference zone. It means an area free of reflexive surfaces, metal objects, electromagnetic waves emitting objects, and objects carrying a large amount of water.
  • Be careful with the default entrees. There must not be any typing mistake in the Wavlink router IP address and the Wavlink router password entrée. Doing so might restrict your access to the Wavlink router login page.

That’s all about how to set up a Wavlink router via the Wavlink router IP address and web address, We hope that the information provided above will help you do Wavlink router setup with ease. After setting up the router, you have to change the Wavlink router login password to increase network security.

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